Oh, Hiya Pal! 

Thanks for visiting my wee site, if you've got any questions you can get in touch using the contact form (bottom right of this page). I'm just a one wummin band so bear with me if I don't get back to you straight away. I especially love to hear from customers looking for crazy commissions.

I've been designing these cheeky Scottish cards since 2013 when I set up decided a life of designing beautiful things from behind a screen was not for me. Since then I've also made 2 small humans who I enjoy looking after and I've recently started a new Etsy Shop called Hello Hello (HelloCoShop), selling fun paper banners to brighten up your walls! As if I didn't have enough on my plate I've also been taking on more design work too and putting that graphic design degree to good use. 

Phew. If you made it through that gie yerself a pat on the back. 

You can find out much more...probably too much...over on Instagram and Facebook (links below)